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I am a Product and System Designer.   Do you Need a Second Opinion on Your Market Entry or Product Design?  Would You Like an Experienced Eye to Review Your Design and Business Priorities?

I Can Assist.
Here’s How I Do it and Why You’d Want to Hire Me:

Why will a person, business or government want your product?
I help product developers refine their story for optimal market impact and sales.

Think of me as part business person, part programmer, part designer. I am effective working with engineers, designers and business people, having managed a design and development team for over 10 years.

I’ve been deeply engaged in product design related activities for years from my early days of delivering technical support feedback to product designers, to design ideas presented current-day, to app design tweaking of electric car charging systems.  I’m a leading edge adapter, I have dug-in deeply to understand products, often using the product as a customer, so I know customer desires. When I make a recommendation regarding a product, I know what needs attention, the design priorities AND I have a thoughtful, business-wise solution. Here’s a quote that describes my focus: “You can use an eraser on the drafting table, or a sledge hammer breaking concrete on the job site.” Yes, early design is key, I’m this and more, as I also have high-value product instincts regarding product feature priorities. I also have project management experience to implement them timely and cost-effectively.  I dig in to know customer needs, I know solutions and I can project manage to completion.

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Hire me EARLY for a review of your product design decisions. For hundreds of dollars now, I can save you ten’s of thousands in production.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration,

Gregory Bell


Here is a hi-value clean energy project to follow: electric light-delivery vehicles for non-pollution zones (NPZs) within city centers,  similar to what occurs in many European cities.
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