Charge Point Home Charger

Charge Point Charger – Beta Review of User Experience
This is my review of the ChargePoint Home, Electric Vehicle Charger:

Unpacking, Initial Impressions 

  1. Impressive Overall:   I’m impressed, quality is evident.
  2. Quality:   yes definitely, I see it in the plastic molding, thickness of cover, the cover design sweep, grip feel and shape, the unit color, the flex cabling.
  3. Satisfied with Purchase:   User experience:  has the satisfying feel of unboxing an Apple iPhone, a well made item is inside, but greener without glued foam. I am pleased to see separable packaging which is highly recyclable; matters to me as I drive an EV.
  4. Confidence:   I see the thoughtful user-installable nature of labeling, the drill bit and tool supplied, the pre-collared wire leads, seems quite user installable for a person w some electrical skills.
  5. Safety:  Safety notices give me assurance in the charger is well made.
  6. Convenient:  cable length options work well for my two space parking at my home.  Longer cable gives me options for two electric cars.

Missing/surprised: I don’t see but expect color codes of the wires to match up with the terminal panel, for direct wire. There is no clear black, white or green connections.

Video Review
The video clarity is satisfying and the video length is workable for me.  Video contained all the info I needed to install.

It is assumed garage has 220v outlet.  May need to provide note and image in video saying electrician has wired 220 volt outlet.


Installation of Charger

  1. User friendly instructions give me confidence.  220 volts is more risky than a simple light switch, but I can do it.
  2. I viewed the install video only, did not require written instructions.
  3. Oblong holes for leveling at the bottom, stucco bit can wander.
  4. Provide bolts for final plastic cover, feels more complete w bolts.
  5. Main 1772 grip seems large, fits my larger hand well, may be too large for smaller woman’s hand.

Configure Charge Point App

Brilliant, someone has simplified this for me.

Stand closer note most likely reduces support calls for config.


Using the Charge Point App
Initially, a lot of data to consume; a bit overwhelming.

Explain all the convenience of this app in a two minute video. Perhaps a explanation video for the Charge Point app, especially explaining the icons? I see gray, green and blue in three different shapes.

  1. Brilliant:  combination gray and green circle icon visual, some active, some not.
  2. Maybe visually on the map, larger icon for DC fast charge units, smaller icon for L2, smallest for L1 chargers.

I have a brain disconnect seeing blue as charger in use; I’m very familiar w the blue charge lights on my Leaf.  Possibly amber color is better for station in use icon.  Apple uses amber for boot up/not available on Time Capsule unit.  Here is a suggestion for charger light status.


Are DC fast chargers in San Francisco ever online?  Status is unknown for over 24 hours.

My experience: unsure/uncertain of my ability to charge quickly in SF.

Gray to me means go to the station at my own risk; charging may or may not be available.


Very Convenient; ease of use is assuring.  Navigate to using one click.

Is Waze integrated w Google maps?


May be complex info for some people.

Can this be simplified for non tech people by car brand?  I have a Leaf, I need a xx charger.  I have a Volt, I need a yy charger.


Well done. I see big value in reporting station issues.  User experience: feeling of control and more certainty.


Assuring reminder is convenient.

May have a glitch as I couldn’t change the time to 11PM.


I’m uncertain.

Text and email are always on/continuous, not sure push/always on checkbox is necessary. Seems confusing to non tech people.


Not sure when I would use this info.  Regardless, the numbers are not consistent, seem unreliable.


Future Version of Charge Point App
Locate Fast Chargers on Way to Destination

On the road, most important is

1  finding a fast charger.

2  is it available.

A fast charger is key as they are equiv of gas stations, I don’t have time for L2 charging when passing through a city.

While in the car:

Enter your destination or allow calendar synch

App tells me:
From your calendar you are traveling to San Francisco, there are two fast charge stations along the way, one in San Carlos, one in San Bruno if you need them. I will update you regarding their in use status along the way.

Allow or decline?

App tells me:
I see by your calendar event you will be in SF on Mission Street for two hours. There is a L2 charger located one city block away in case you need it. Would you like Google maps to direct you there?

Allow or decline?

This would be a huge help.
App can assist in finding the charger within parking structure.  Minimal info is floor level.

Green stripes overhead help. I’ve seen this in a San Jose garage.
Sounds odd, but I think of my EV like I do my electric shaver.  Finding an outlet when traveling is key, other data is not as important when on the road.


2017 update
The ChargePoint Home unit, as above, is now a successful product being sold on Amazon: