Physical Product Design

  1. ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charge station beta tester.  Included user experience design, physical unit installation design, mobile app and data delivery design reviews.
    Details of my ChargePoint user experience review
  2. Robust backup system for Mac using Apple Time Capsule and a standard USB external sub drive. System design provides removable drive for storage at off-site safe deposit box. Alternating drive backups provide for automatic redundancy, requiring minimal attention or maintenance.  Also provides mail-able emergency restore disk for remote users. Additionly, I use BackBlaze as a redundant online backup system.  Total backup system provides three backups in three locations.  Sub drive image details soon…
  3. In 2011, a few months after taking delivery of our Nissan Leaf 2011, first version of the car, nissan-leaf-improve-suggest regarding some revisions to future models.  Many of the revisions did appear in later models of the Leaf.  I now own a 2016 Nissan Leaf version.
  4. Electric car charging, EV.
    I installed one of the first electric car chargers in 2010 in Palo Alto. We leased a Nissan Leaf for three years, then purchased a 2014 model.  View the article here.
  5. Three Simple Steps to an Electric Vehicle in your Driveway. details here